For us, no effort is too great to be close to the customer. Our service therefore begins with individual and competent on-the-spot-consultation.

In this way, later inefficient and costly expenses relating to the manufacture of racks and decoating are avoided from the outset. Customer-specific needs are taken into account, from advice to development and on to the series rack or component carrier, in order to ensure profitable production processes.

Our technical diversity of ideas and many years of experience result in low-maintenance and permanently serviceable rack constructions.

With our expert and highly flexible repair service, we repair your unserviceable racks quickly and cost-effectively. In the case of defective racks, we can easily replace the defective parts of the rack with our modern fully-automatic low-temperature decoating system (with integrated blasting machine) and recoat the racks, so that they can be returned to service in the shortest possible time. Our prime concern is the resource efficiency of our customers. When your racks become unusable, we overhaul them for maximum productivity or send them for proper disposal.

On the pulse of the times

We operate not only a fully-automatic low-temperature decoating system, but also a modern CNC bending station. This enables us to produce precision, individual bent wire parts (contacts, etc.) in the shortest possible time.

This is combined with our latest CNC turning and milling station, which is used to produce stages for racks, and customer-specific components, to the highest quality and precision. These two machines make an unbeatable combination to achieve what our customers demand: maximum quality, cost efficiency and delivery reliability.

With our own vehicle fleet, we are able to provide customer service throughout Europe and on schedule.